The Zones application allows you to define and configure Zones. When the phone enters of leaves a Zone, it can send SMS messages to defined Contacts.

For example, install on your child’s phone to auto SMS when they leave school and when arrive home.

Does not use GPS or Network location data for tracking. Kind on battery.

View on the Android Market or Appbrain.

2 Responses to Zones

  1. Robert d`Aystetten says:

    Hi! Great App! I have a question: is it possible to customize standard SMS message pro every registered contact? I think it will be good because of (for example) language reason. Please let me know if it is possible. Thanks! Robert

  2. rwmthings says:

    Currently it is not possible – there is just a single message configured for all Zones.
    I will look into how easy it is to change to have a customised message per Zone.



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