Auto Check In

Auto Check In is just another application that tries to automatically check you into Foursquare venues.
Hopefully this application is kind on your battery, and sufficiently accurate.

There is both a Lite version (Android Market and Appbrain), where you can play around and see if it works OK for you…

And there is a full paid version (Android Market and Appbrain), which does not have the limitation of only three configured Auto Check Ins…

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  1. Ingo says:

    Better than MM.

    Would love to have more fine-grained control so that my local coffee shop checks me in even though I’m only there 3 minutes before I’m out the door again, but it doesn’t cause crazy-bounces at places I stay much longer, like work.

  2. rwmthings says:


    Just a bit of background. The app doesnt use GPS or the network provided lat/long data to work out where you are. It tries to trigger off the network cell sites that it sees.

    So, for some of those ‘crazy’ bounces that happen when you are at work, you can smooth those out by doing some manual learning when they happen. If you notice that your % match is much less than 100% when you are firmly at a location, then select the auto ci and chose “Learn Location Data”.
    That will help fill in some of the gaps in knowledge of the cell sites for that auto ci.
    Note that it tries to auto fine tune to help… but this takes time to slowly learn.

    For the coffee shop duck in and out…
    There are a couple of options.
    Firstly, if you go and edit an auto ci, you will see the “High Venue Affinity” drop down. Basically this sets a threshold level for when you are determined to be at the venue. The High level is the most sensitive – i.e. the threshold is around 40% (with some buffer for entry/exit). So selecting the High level should give you the quickest response for entering…
    I assume that you already have it on the High level though :-(

    If still not working well enough for the coffee shop, you could always do a bit of a ‘fudge’. When you are getting near the coffee shop, you could start doing some “Learn Location Data”. Basically you are making the coffee shop a bit larger – there are more cell sites associated with the Auto CI. As you are approaching, the % match will then start ramping up a bit earlier, and you will have more chance of it crossing the threshold and hence checkin you in…

    Let us know if it help.


  3. BLueSS says:

    Are the “Nearby Venues” and “Search” not working anymore? I just downloaded the app and am receiving “Unable to determine your location” errors.

    • rwmthings says:


      Should still be working OK.

      The app tries to grab the location from the Network Provider. If the location is not provided, or seems to be a stale location, it will generally give this error.
      MAybe the handling of this could be improved in future, as it kind of is a show stopper for finding any venues…

      Let me know if you are still having issues – will try a whip out a work around for you… there is a new version in the pipeline coming out soon.


      • BLueSS says:

        Yep, still having this problem.
        GPS – Switched ON, but App doesn’t use it.
        I press “Nearby Venues” and it goes instantly to “Unable to Determine Your Location”.

        • rwmthings says:


          The app does not use GPS at all, so enabling that wont have any impact.
          It just needs a coarse location.

          Are you using the Lite of full version of the app ??
          What is your ‘real’ email address – i will send you a newer version with slightly kinder location searching… see if that fixes it.


          ps sorry for the delay in responding – i couldnt see the rwmthings emails in my regular email for some reason.

  4. Ivan says:

    I don´t know if I´m doing something wrong, but the application detects which venue I entered but doesn´t check-in on foursquare.

    • rwmthings says:


      I suspect that it is simulating your check in. Go to the preference settings, and uncheck (or maybe check… cant remember) the simulation option. This will allow the real checkins to 4sq.


  5. Dan says:

    Having many issue with auto check-in and not the lite version.

    1. When it lists the venues around me, it does not even come close to listing what Foursquare lists at the same location, like my home is not listed.

    2. I can be right in front of a venue and it says I’m 600 meters away…seems very inaccurate. Foursquare and google maps show me exactly where I am.

    3. after I refresh the list of nearby venues, it will then always complain that I don’t have a data connection if I refresh again.

    • rwmthings says:

      The application currently only uses the network based information to get your GPS location. The next version has relaxed this to allow basically any location source.

      Note that the GPS location is only used when searching for venues to create as Auto Check Ins. It is NOT used by the application for doing the checking in and out. That is based on the network cell sites that it sees.

      So basically for 1. and 2., if you know the location you are looking for, you can use the Search instead of Nearby… this should allow you to find the location you are looking for.
      For 3., you will have to wait for the next version to be released. It should work more smoothly in the newer version.

      Let me know if you are interested in trying out the new version – it is basically ready, with testing ongoing.
      Note that BEFORE you upgrade, make sure you back up your configured auto check ins. They should then be migrated on upgrade.

      Let me know



      ps. what is your android version, and phone type (CDMA, GSM?)

  6. Richard says:


    I bought your app i like it a lot, the only problem i have is somehow for a few of my locations also learned the data when there is no signal so everytime now that i don’t have a signal i later see some random checkins, miles and miles from the place where i be at that moment.

    The upsite it earned me some mayorships in that locations :-)

    With regards,


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