New Auto CI GUI

Have been working on a new GUI for the AutoCI application.

The app will include a screen to show the Checkins that you have configured…

You would be used to the concept of the Auto Check Ins, which automatically handle the checking in and out as you roam around. We are also looking into introducing Manual Check Ins. Manual Check Ins are basically dormant Auto Check Ins… they are not active until you manually select and check in. After that, it will function like an auto check in and monitor your position and check you out when you leave. It would then become dormant again.

The app will also include a screen to show your friends checkins…

The Friends check in screen allows you to create groups to more conveniently display your friends, and swipe between the views. If you are using the Auto CI Proxy, and your friends are also using the AutoCI app, then it will display their most recent check in or check out…

Anyway – the new GUI is going through a few last tests… and will be released with the next drop in the market… hopefully soon. Note that at this stage it will not be the default GUI, it will only be accessible through the menu or preferences, until we have confirmed that it is stable.



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