New Auto CI Version – Any Interested Testers ??

There is a new version of “Auto Check In” nearly ready for release.

If there is anyone out there who is already using the paid version, and would like to test this new version prior to release, please send me an email at:

The main new features include:

  • Moving to an SQLite DB backend – removes all this stuffing around with having to backup the AutoCIs before upgrading. Will also simplify future extensions to AutoCI.
  • Improved positioning accuracy – the application does NOT use GPS for determining your location, so I have been working on tweaking the algorithms used for detecting position and position changes. SQLite was key for this.
  • Revamped network connectivity, supporting use of an AppSpot hosted AutoCI proxy – no real added value for users as yet, but in the future will allow users to define private venues, as well supporting the sharing of user checkouts.
  • Various bug fixes.

So let me know…

Any questions, suggestions, just ask.



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2 Responses to New Auto CI Version – Any Interested Testers ??

  1. Wesley Mason says:

    I’m interested. Also, just moved my epic 4g to 2.3.4 and looking for the folder you backup to so I can restore it to my sd card.

    • rwmthings says:


      Unfortunately the backup is stored within the apps private directory – it is not stored on the sd card.
      If you have installed a completely new ROM, then your configured data will not be available for re-installing… :-(
      Sorry about that.

      I will email you separately with a testing version.



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