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  1. john says:

    Having issues with the paid version of Auto Check In (Android), the lite version works fine. Will not post to foursquare or Facebook.
    Things I have tried:
    1. uninstalling in combination with revoking access then reinstalling and setting up access.
    2. trying different wi-fi networks, one at work, another at home.
    3. reinstalling lite version, again the lite version works, but stops at 3 check ins, then reinstalled purchased version with no sync issue again occurring.
    4. installing purchased version and then uninstalling lite version, no success.

    Please help, If there is no current solution please tell me.

    • rwmthings says:

      John – need more information.
      Is it correctly working out whether or not you are in a venue, just not managing to do the check in correctly ?
      What does the history show – Select an Auto Check In, then Show Recent History – what does it show?

      Let us know.


  2. Keith says:

    I am having a similar problem…the LITE version actually was more reliable than the paid version. Weird. I get checked in but then it checks out after a few minutes and then checks in again. Back and forth all day. I tried playing with the De-Bounce settings but really have no clue what I am setting. A nice quick how-to would be helpful. It doesnt seem to matter if I set the value high or low. Also, backup auto check ins does not seem to work, at least the restore function. I am using an HTC Incredible with stock FroYo.

    • rwmthings says:


      Select the AutoCI and then “Learn Location Data”. Select a period of say 10 minutes. This will allow the app to learn details of your current location and relate them with the auto CI.
      Once an Auto CI is basically stable, it will continue to improve its knowledge through background auto fine tuning…

      Need more details on the backup/restore issue.


  3. Keith says:

    Great support…works beautifully now! Thank you.

  4. szciklon says:

    I have downloaded the app, but I can only switch on Auto Check In Active, and Foursquare Authorization, there is nothing more on the screen, no menu, no options.

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